Lou Agudo is the Chief Operating Officer and Program Director at Waters Edge Recovery.

With over 40 years of recovery experience, Lou has a unique approach to drug & alcohol addiction treatment that he shares with those struggling with addiction.

Meet Lou Agudo and hear his story about recovery and what it means to serve others. He embraces a ‘common sense’ philosophy in helping those dealing with addiction.

Hear about the work that goes into recovery. Lou talks about reaching out to patients and how to fill the void left by drug addiction.

Embrace the person you are and learn how to know yourself in the recovery process. Lou emphasizes self-awareness and acceptance of past faults, but encourages patients to embrace each day as a gift and an opportunity for taking action.

Understand how your conscious and subconscious work together in shaping personality and character. Lou emphasizes a healthy sense of self-consciousness in realizing how we interact with and shape the world through words and actions.