Addiction Recovery Testimonies

Quality Florida Drug Rehab Center

Looking for a quality rehab center in Florida that has a good track record of helping people and keeping them sober? Waters Edge Recovery understands what you and your family is going through and we respect that. Recovery is a team and family effort. No one person can do it alone. Read below learn more about what others are saying about our quality Florida rehab center.

“Waters Edge Recovery was an answer to my prayers and a dream come true.  Struggling for over a year in Massachusetts to find a bed, let alone a long term program, for my 23 year old son was a nightmare.  The mission statement that says they individualize the program is an understatement!!!  The staff from Lou, Barbara (the most amazing Counselor), all the Techs, and the staff in general tended to all my son’s needs whether it was emotional, physical or social.  He went there alone as a stranger/addict and came out sober with a family!!!  They have a wonderful support network that led to a smooth transition for my son to continue on his path to long term sobriety and keep tabs on him.  Listening to parents in my support group complain about their children’s programs I know that I found a gem here!!!  You gave him the tools and the rest is up to him.  From a mom’s perspective, due to the amazing communication you offered, I knew he was in good hands and that kept my sanity.  I will forever be eternally grateful!!!”Toby (Jacob’s Mom)
“I don’t think I could have had a more caring and honest therapist than Angie to help guide me through the recovery process. Her experience driven insight paired with an intelligent understanding of mental health and addiction makes a combination for progress. She truly has a passion for helping people. Thank you Angie!”Carene H.
“Hi Lou! Just wanted to thank you for all the help and guidance you have given me. You truly have been a God send and for that I am truly grateful. I had to share my testimony. Thanks again.”Nate G.
“My son finally found the right door and he had the courage to knock. It has made all the difference in his world to him and everyone he touches. My prayers have been answered!”Pina - (Lou's mother)
“Angie is one of those therapists who when you first sit down with to talk about recovery, you know you’re in good hands. She has a demeanor about herself that let’s you know right off the bat she takes recovery seriously not only because she cares about you, but because she has been there herself. Angie is straight and to the point; she knows that there is no time to be messing around with people’s lives. At the same time she is also compassionate and understanding. It’s all of these things combined that make Angie a great therapist for recovering addicts and alcoholics. I would highly recommend Angie for anyone seeking help.”Nicholas W.