Why It Isn’t Safe To Detox From Heroin at Home

Heroin is a highly addictive drug, and getting clean from it can be a challenge. If you’re considering your options for getting sober, you might be wondering if it’s possible to detox from heroin at home, instead of going to a rehab center. On the surface, it might seem like

Will My Insurance from My Job in Baltimore Pay for Heroin Detox in Florida?

Paying for addiction treatment is the most complex issue you will need to deal with after you are willing to seek help for your addiction. Recovery is a journey that should not come at a cost; therefore, financial issues should not be a hindrance to you receiving the priceless gift

How to Avoid Addiction to Opiates

If your doctor has said that you should take prescription pain pills for your condition, you may be wondering if it’s a wise choice. You have seen on the news and read in the papers about the nation’s opioid epidemic and you sure don’t want any part of that. Statistically,

Can You Accidentally Become Addicted to Pain Pills

Pain is the sensation that humans dread the most; they do everything that they can to dodge it. Science and medicine made it possible for humans to mitigate their pain when they invented pain pills. However in modern day, pain pills are doing more detriment than benefit because so many

What Types of Detox Medication is Used For Heroin Detox?

Once a person has been using heroin regularly for a period of time, their bodies will become used to the drug and require it for normal functioning. Sudden stoppage of heroin will result in a very painful and unpleasant condition known as withdrawal. It’s a main reason why many users

What Are The Chances of Fentanyl Being In The Heroin You’re Buying

Battling addiction can be the most difficult challenge you ever have to deal with. Many young people begin experimenting with pain pills that can sometimes be found in the parents’ medicine cabinet. The tablets are often ground up then snorted or cooked, for smoking or injection. However, in recent years

Why You Should Always Dispose of Unused Pain Medication

Drug abuse has reached epidemic levels in recent years. Explosive growth in the use of opioids has pushed deaths from drug overdoses in the United States to over 50,000 annually. Drug cartels and “pill mills” grab the headlines. However, leftover drugs kept in millions of homes are a major supply

Is Naltrexone Proving to Be Effective In Treating Opiate Addiction?

Naltrexone is an opioid antagonist. This means that it has opposite effect in the brain from those of opioids. Opioids work in the brain by attaching to special receptors, creating effects such as pain relief and euphoria. Naltrexone works by also attaching to these same receptors, and additionally, naltrexone has

Addiction Treatment in Florida Offers Solution for Heroin Epidemic in New Hampshire

The heroin and opiate epidemic has swept throughout the United States, causing a big rise in the need for treatment options for those who are addicted. With a wide variety of successful treatment options available in Florida, many people along the east coast of the United States are turning to

Does Medication Assisted Treatment Work?

Medication assisted treatment is a type of addiction treatment in which medication is provided to a patient during recovery to ease withdrawal symptoms and combat cravings. There are some people who say that this type of treatment is ineffective, that the patient only trades one addiction for another. While no