Drug Treatment Instead of Jail – Ft Wayne Indiana Agrees

Waters Edge Recovery Co-Sponsored an event with the Fort Wayne, Indiana police department and other Fort Wayne community organizations this past Saturday April 22nd. Our very own Director of National Outreach, Mickey Ashpole and our CEO Jef Mullins made presentations and hosted a panel discussion. The Fort Wayne elected officials



For each of us, hope might mean something different. However, in principle hope is the belief that things in the future will get better. Hope is the inspired foundation that fuels us with the energy to take action and get better. In active addiction, I took myself to various low

Farm Field and Fence

Setting Boundaries…Know Yourself

For at least thirty years, the language of boundary-setting has been prevalent in addiction literature, pop-culture and the “self-help” industry. In fact, once a name was placed on drawing a line in the sand, another expectation was born. Families struggling with addiction are now expected to understand and embrace functions

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The Devastating Opioid Addiction Crisis – Where Did All This Madness Begin?

You may have seen stories on television, internet or in your local newspaper. Opioid overdose deaths have sky rocketed nationwide. This disease does not discriminate. No age group, race, religion, level of wealth, sexual orientation, education level or political affiliation has been spared from this scourge plaguing our country’s landscape.

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For the loved ones….what is an intervention and how is it done?

The initial purpose of an intervention is to assist the addicted individual to get past denial. The ultimate goal is for the addict to enter treatment. To the onlooker, the family, the friends and professional colleagues of a person whose addiction is taking its toll, it is extraordinary that the

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A Sober Look at Alcoholism: If you were an alcoholic, would you want to know?

While alcoholism may creep up on you, it is nonetheless as potent and dangerous an addiction as any other. The delay between one’s casual drinking and the devastating effects of becoming addicted to alcohol does not lessen its impact. It may take the cumulative effect of seeing the impact of

No Thank You

One gains a wealth of knowledge and invaluable experience while attending a reputable drug and alcohol treatment program. Much work is done in therapy (Group and Individual) to work out issues that have been hindering growth for eons. Being able to feel comfortable to open up one’s self in group

Small choices, big steps

At the end of the day, life seems to boil down to a series of small decisions, and/or actions, each bringing us face-to-face with our own innate ability to choose. If we are trying to reach a destination and we are lost, making good choices may lead us to our


Relapse …..Why So Quick to Judge?

The struggle with addiction is not new. Failing to maintain sobriety is not new. Relapse is not new. Humans have been dealing with overwhelming needs, urges and compulsions since before the printing press allowed the written word to share stories about the conditions known as addiction and relapse. These terms

The Uphill Battle of Asking for Help

Living through the pain of day to day life during active addiction or alcoholism is typically a miserable experience. The ends addicts and alcoholics go to for the next “one” are demoralizing and at times inhumane. As a result, shame and guilt in oneself accrues at an exponential rate. This