women's rehabHow does women’s addiction recovery differ from men’s? If you’re a woman who is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you can find yourself in a very isolated place. Even today, people often think about women’s addiction less than men’s addiction, and it can have more stigma attached to it. So women often find it very difficult to talk to somebody about their addiction, let alone find ways to overcome it. But that can change with the right program of women’s drug addiction or alcoholism rehab. This can not only be very helpful, but it can actually be necessary, because of the different ways that men’s and women’s bodies react to substances like drugs and alcohol. Florida has a special place in rehab—click here to learn more.

How is women’s addiction different from men’s addiction? Women and men actually respond to alcohol and drugs in very different ways. And that’s shown in the different rates of addiction for each of them. Because of their different body compositions, many women’s bodies absorb substances at different rates. Women generally tend to have less muscle and more body fat than men do at the same weight. And that means that they absorb substances quicker than men do. That’s why women might feel drunker after one drink than men do. And so any addiction or alcoholism rehab has to take into account the different ways that men and women’s bodies react to drugs and alcohol. If you are a woman suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, consider a specialized women’s rehab program.

But why should women’s rehab be different? Not only do men and women have different bodies, but they often tend to form different kinds of communities as well. Think about it: Do you act differently in groups of all women than you do in groups where there’s a man? Almost all men and women tend to act slightly differently when they’re around members of the opposite sex. And oftentimes a group of all women can be more supportive or more caring than one in which a man is present. Hence the need for specialized women’s rehab.  And, for many women, it removes the distraction of men from the equation of rehab. Many experts recommend staying away from a romantic or sexual relationship for at least a year after achieving full sobriety once a women’s rehab program is complete.

Where can I go for high quality women’s rehab program that works for me? At Water’s Edge Recovery, we understand your needs for rehab, and we want to make sure you get the best rehab possible to fit you. That’s why we work with you in order to customize and individualize your rehab care to fit your exact situation. And that includes women’s rehab.