Our Unique Approach to Addiction Treatment Services

At Waters Edge Recovery™, each guest is treated as an individual, with a customized treatment plan designed around the current needs and recovery lifestyle that each guest has chosen. There is a strong focus toward the future and in finding a genuine, personal purpose for their lives. Emphasis is placed on respect and compassion towards self and others and on the innate strengths and aspirations each of our guests possess and can be helped to be guided by.

We are proud to offer a phased approach to residential care. Our clients begin their treatment journey in our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) guided by licensed medical and clinical staff and trained professionals. Once a guest has completed the first phase, they are introduced to our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) where they gain the life skills necessary for continued success and sobriety.

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We also offer additional resources such as intervention, family care & guidance, sober living and integrative aftercare & case management. Nestled alongside the St. Lucie River, Waters Edge promotes a holistic approach to recovery, incorporating nutritional counseling, exercise, art and music therapy, meditation and recreational activities.

Our treatment efforts are targeted to address specific needs, with specialized offerings that focus on:

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Opioid Addiction
  • Trauma
  • Addiction to Pain Medication
  • Family Relations
  • Understanding the Brain Chemistry of Addiction
  • Progression of the Disease of Addiction
  • Introduction To the Twelve Steps
  • Spirituality
  • Stages of Change
  • Focus On Co-Occurring Disorders and the Effects On Addiction and Recovery

Waters Edge Recovery is a JCAHO accredited facility. The Gold Seal of Approval® from The Joint Commission ® is an accreditation that is nationally recognized as the premier symbol of quality for addiction treatment. This accreditation reflects our commitment to meeting the highest performance standards for patient treatment and care. The Joint Commission’s behavioral health care standards are developed in consultation with health care experts and providers, quality improvement measurement experts, and individuals and their families. The standards are informed by scientific literature and expert consensus to help organizations measure, assess and improve performance.

The Waters Edge Treatment Process

During the first phase, newcomers are based together in our North facility, where there is a strong focus on stabilization, a gradual return to wellness – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, an understanding of the addictive process and the instillation of hope and healing. Our guests then enter the second phase that most reflects their needs and challenges. These modalities include:


  • Women’s Program – designed for women and embraces such issues as codependency, trauma, grief and loss, health, parenting, disordered eating and interpersonal relationships and identities.
  • Men’s Program – designed for older men who wish to not only work in an environment where they feel most comfortable, but also wish to explore issues such as a sense of loss of time, resources and opportunities.
  • Young Men’s Program – for young men who often struggle around developing a practical and meaningful sense of self and purpose for the future.


  • The Protector Program – Our exclusive program that serves First Responders, acknowledging their unique needs and preferences, with a sensitive focus on trauma and the need to return quite quickly to their personal and professional lives.
  • Relapse Bootcamp – for individuals who have come up against the setback of a relapse, where they can quickly and respectfully learn from the event and move forward again.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Clients who choose to take part in our intensive outpatient program continue the important work they have started while in PHP, but do so while actively engaged in a lifestyle of real recovery. This is characterized by employment, training and community service and involvement. They enjoy support from our staff day and night whenever they need to talk, and also take part in nine hours of group activities and workshops each week. They also benefit from regular one to one therapy and can choose to live in our safe, drug-and-alcohol-free supported housing.

Many different areas and topics are covered in the IOP, which include:

  • Relapse Prevention Skills
  • How to Manage Urges and Cravings
  • Healthy Life Skills
  • Employment Counseling to include Resume Building Classes and Interview Skills Courses
  • Continuing Education Support & Guidance

Aftercare and Sober Living

Depending on your needs, you may be referred to additional comprehensive mental health treatment, or training in how to increase healthy life skills, or employment counseling. This continuum of care demonstrates a commitment to our guests that covers the initial six months after formally structured treatment has ended.

How Can a Young Adult Drug Rehab Program Help My Son or Daughter?

No client of Waters Edge Recovery is expected to be homeless during this time and we are proud to offer supported housing in a drug-free, caring environment for our guests.

However, the support and involvement we offer certainly does not end there. Waters Edge hopes that our graduates will then stay closely in touch with us and enjoy the many benefits of our strong Alumni program, in cooperation with other sources of care and support across the nation.

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