3 Reasons To Choose a Holistic Drug Rehab

An addiction to drugs and alcohol affects every facet of your life, so you will need a treatment program that addresses that. This is known as holistic rehab, and it not only helps you overcome your physical addiction, but the many factors that have either contributed to or been caused by substance abuse.

While you must ultimately find the path to recovery that works best for you, here are just three reasons to consider a holistic drug rehab program.

Treating the Patient’s Body

Overcoming any physical addiction to a substance means putting the body through detoxification and withdrawal, a process that can be incredibly painful. A holistic program will not only help you through the usual detox and withdrawal process, but it will help you repair the damage that your substance abuse has done to your body. You will learn about eating a healthy diet, and you may engage in practices such as yoga and massage to ease the physical pain you may be feeling.

Treating the Patient’s Mind

An addiction to drugs and alcohol almost never just happens on its own; there are almost always other factors at play that drove the patient to use in the first place. Holistic treatment will address these factors through therapy, which involves treating major depression, bipolar disorder, and other psychological factors that have had an effect on the patient’s life.

Individualized Treatment

Finally, a holistic rehab program involves finding an individualized treatment for every patient. No two people are the same, even if they are technically being treated for the same issues, so everyone must find a program that works best for them. A drug rehab center that specializes in holistic treatment will help you find a program that is best for you. It may be similar to what other patients have gone through, but it won’t be exactly the same.

Holistic Drug Rehab from Waters Edge Recovery

If you or a loved one is living with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, the staff at Waters Edge Recovery can help you. We offer holistic drug rehab programs that can be tailored to everyone’s individual needs. For more information about our treatment programs contact us today at 855-782-1009. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and give you the assistance that you need.