Am I a Functioning Alcoholic

Alcoholism is different from drug addiction because it is easier for those who struggle with alcoholism to function as a productive member of society. A person who suffers from alcoholism can easily be the person who sits next to during you business meetings or even the person that is you refer to as your boss. Just like drug addiction, alcoholism does not discriminate. Anyone can become afflicted with alcoholism, regardless of their education, income, level of success, etc.

You may have a hard time fathoming why you are being asked to go to treatment for alcoholism when you meet the criteria of a productive member of society. You may think that everyone who is telling you to go to treatment for alcohol is being prudish, but being capable of going to work and paying your bills is not an indication that you do not have an alcohol problem. Not everyone who suffers from alcoholism sits at home or on the streets and drinks all-day, every day. Whether or not you suffer from alcoholism possesses no correlation with your success; it has to do with your drinking habits interfering with your life. Many people who suffer from alcoholism dress in professional attire, go to work every day, achieve success at work, and provide for their families. These people are referred to as functioning alcoholics.

There are several warning signs that may indicate if you have an alcohol problem.

  • You Use Alcohol as Your Primary Coping Mechanism
  • You Feel Like You Need to Drink For Every Event in Your Life
  • You Often Drink When You Are Alone and/or in Secret
  • You Drink More than the Recommended Limits (Men-4 drinks a day or 14 drinks in a week and Women-3 drinks a day or 7 drinks in a week)
  • You Are Building Tolerance to Increasing Amounts of Alcohol
  • You Experience Withdrawal Symptoms When You Do Not Drink
  • You Are Experiencing Relationship, Work, or Legal Issues as a Result of Drinking

There is Hope if You Are a Functioning Alcoholic

If you meet any of the criteria of a functioning alcoholic, it is possible that you are a functioning alcoholic or are at risk of becoming a functioning alcoholic. Taking the first step and admitting that you have a problem is half of the battle. There are multiple resources you can turn to for help that will not interfere with your employment and familial obligations.

  • Employment-Sponsored Treatment
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Alcoholic’s Anonymous
  • Twelve Step-Alternative Programs
  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Friends and Family

You may think that you do not have to address your alcoholism right away because it does not have a significant impact on your life, but alcoholism is a progressive disease that causes more ramifications and becomes increasing difficult to treat as it progresses. You may be able to maintain your job and pay your bills at this stage of your addiction, but your addiction will catch up to you if it goes untreated, making it harder, if not impossible to maintain your job and pay your bills. If you are struggling with alcoholism, please seek help today. You do not have to be a slave of alcohol any longer. Instead, you can be a recipient of the gift of recovery.

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