Can My Partner And I Go To Rehab Together At The Same Time?

People do not typically progress through their addiction on their own. Partners in a couple commonly have mutual addictions because they already share many aspects of their lifestyles. It is convenient for an addicted individual to be in a relationship with another addicted individual because most non-addicted individuals will not tolerate the behavior that coincides with the addiction. Couples who share an addiction can be very destructive for a variety of reasons.

  • Domestic violence is often involved.
  • Communication and intimacy is often hindered by the substance use.
  • Domestic duties and childcare priorities are neglected.
  • The only communication and intimacy that occurs is while the couple is under the influence.

When one partner is offered addiction treatment, it is very likely that the other partner will be offered treatment or will be willing to go to treatment as well. The couple may desire to go to rehab together at the same time.

A couple going to a rehab together at the same time is possible. There is no reason that one partner needs to be at home because he or she would not be much use to the household or children if they are active in their addiction. As long as the rehab facility does not have rules regarding gender, religion, or any other characteristic that differs between the members of the couple, there is no reason that any couple cannot go to rehab together at the same time. Whether or not going to the rehab together at the same time and at the same facility is beneficial varies per the couple.

Why or Why Not a Couple Should Go Rehab Together at the Same Time

Going to rehab together at the same time may be beneficial for some couples. If both couples are committed to achieving lifelong recovery, going to rehab together will provide them with the opportunity to learn how to recover as a couple. In addition to learning how to recover from the drug and alcohol use, they will also receive general couple’s therapy to teach them new ways to communicate and be intimate.

Going to rehab together may not be beneficial for some couples. If one partner is not genuinely committed to achieving lifelong recovery and is only going to rehab to be with their partner, going to rehab together will be a detriment to the partner who is genuinely committed to achieving lifelong recovery. If one member needs a specific type of rehab facility such as a gender-specific, religion-specific, or trauma-focused, that member should not forgo going to the facility that best fits his or her needs to stay with their partner. If there is consistent abuse or lack of commitment to the relationship, going to rehab together will not benefit the relationship or the lives of either partner.

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