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Understanding The Difference Between A Drug Rehab That Has a Christian Track and One That Is An Actual Christian Facility

When looking for a drug rehab facility, many clients who are interested in a Christian faith-based healing center wonder whether they would be best served by a drug rehab with a Christian track or a drug rehab facility that is an actual Christian facility. So what are the differences? Does it matter?

Christian facilities typically focus on one modality, which is Christianity and faith-based healing. They stress the importance of allowing the unconditional love of Jesus to enter your life. They may follow a traditional 12-step model that is compatible with Christianity or they may focus primarily on scripture teachings. A non-Christian facility that has a Christian faith-based track will often bring more innovative and inventive secular psychological strategies into treatment to complement the Christian faith-based treatment strategies.

Best of Both Worlds With a Christian Faith-Based Track

Choosing a Christian “faith-based track” at an accredited drug rehab center means that you will get the best of both worlds. You will have access to:

  • The latest non-religious/secular psychological and behavioral treatments
  • Scripture-based treatment and group therapy modalities
  • Individual treatment with Christian pastors
  • Christian church and community assistance

For Christians, faith plays an important role in the recovery from a drug addiction. Faith gives Christians hope, love and a commitment to stay clean for Jesus. The faith inspires Christians to live an honorable life and to take rehab seriously. A drug rehab program that is faith-based will incorporate healing activities and programs into rehab that strengthen the non-religious and secular psychological and behavioral therapeutic strategies. By engaging with the Bible, other Christians, Christian leaders and learning more about their faith, our clients are able to make more meaningful progress throughout rehab.

Christianity offers the healing tenant that Jesus Christ has paid for our sins and that He chose to die on the cross to redeem our lives. He continues to love and pray for His children who fall into terrible paths. The message of Christianity is redemptive and promises that any person can redeem themselves by choosing a new path and striving to be a good Christian. This can be comforting to many people going through drug rehab and striving to better their lives and deepen their faith.

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