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3 Reasons To Choose a Holistic Drug Rehab

An addiction to drugs and alcohol affects every facet of your life, so you will need a treatment program that addresses that. This is known as holistic rehab, and it not only helps you overcome your physical addiction, but the many factors that have either contributed to or been caused by substance abuse.

While you must ultimately find the path to recovery that works best for you, here are just three reasons to consider a holistic drug rehab program.

Treating the Patient’s Body

Overcoming any physical addiction to a substance means putting the body through detoxification and withdrawal, a process that can be incredibly painful. A holistic program will not only help you through the usual detox and withdrawal process, but it will help you repair the damage that your substance abuse has done to your body. You will learn about eating a healthy diet, and you may engage in practices such as yoga and massage to ease the physical pain you may be feeling.

Treating the Patient’s Mind

An addiction to drugs and alcohol almost never just happens on its own; there are almost always other factors at play that drove the patient to use in the first place. Holistic treatment will address these factors through therapy, which involves treating major depression, bipolar disorder, and other psychological factors that have had an effect on the patient’s life.

Individualized Treatment

Finally, a holistic rehab program involves finding an individualized treatment for every patient. No two people are the same, even if they are technically being treated for the same issues, so everyone must find a program that works best for them. A drug rehab center that specializes in holistic treatment will help you find a program that is best for you. It may be similar to what other patients have gone through, but it won’t be exactly the same.

Holistic Drug Rehab from Waters Edge Recovery

If you or a loved one is living with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, the staff at Waters Edge Recovery can help you. We offer holistic drug rehab programs that can be tailored to everyone’s individual needs. For more information about our treatment programs contact us today at 855-782-1009. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and give you the assistance that you need.

How to Avoid Addiction to Opiates

If your doctor has said that you should take prescription pain pills for your condition, you may be wondering if it’s a wise choice. You have seen on the news and read in the papers about the nation’s opioid epidemic and you sure don’t want any part of that. Statistically, most people who take opioids as directed do not become addicted. There is more to addiction than just taking narcotics. Genetic, environmental and social factors come into play where true addiction is concerned. Roughly about ten percent of people taking opioids will become truly addicted. The problem is, there is no way to be sure if you’re in that ten percent or not, until after you have become addicted.

So what are some non-drug alternative therapies that you can try? Let’s take look at a few:

  • Acupuncture

Used since ancient times, acupuncture uses tiny needles to stimulate certain areas of the body. Its actions aren’t completely understood, but it’s thought to work by causing the body to release endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkilling compounds.

  • Aromatherapy

This natural approach to pain relief is also very old. Essential oils, or oils derived from plants, are either sprayed in the air or rubbed on the skin. The exact mechanism of action isn’t understood, but it’s known that scent has a powerful effect on the brain. It’s thought that aromatherapy stimulates the nose, which in turn causes the brain to produce endorphins.

  • Chiropractic care

This is especially useful for back and neck pain, although chiropractic treats whole-body pain as well. Chiropractors are trained to use special manipulation of body parts to gently ease the body back into correct position. They use other manual therapies as well. Many patients find excellent drug-free relief this way. Chiropractors cannot prescribe medication.

Alternatives to Narcotic Pain Pills

Most medications intended to treat pain are opioids. All are potentially addictive. But there are a few non-narcotic drugs that you can try:

  • Muscle relaxers
  • NSAIDs, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Muscle relaxers, such as Robaxin or Flexeril, are helpful in some types of pain. NSAIDs are drugs similar to ibuprofen. There’s another one, too, called Celebrex, that can give good pain relief for some patients. None are addictive.

If you are hesitant to take opioids, speak up. Ask your doctor about alternatives. In some cases, a short term of opioid therapy may be necessary. Pain can interfere with the healing process. Always be proactive in your own care. If your doctor won’t listen to you, find someone who will.

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Will My Insurance from My Job in Boston Pay for Heroin Detox in Florida?

You feel like you are all alone in your struggle against heroin addiction. You know that you need help and it needs to begin with heroin detox, followed by addiction recovery. This is a problem that is too big for you to handle it on your own. You need professionals by your side to help you climb the biggest mountain in your life. You have found an addiction treatment center that is located in South Florida. You think it is the right fit for you. The main issue is your insurance. You live and work in Boston. You need to know if you are covered for addiction treatment in the location of your choice.

Understanding Your Insurance Coverage

Insurance plans and coverage vary from company to company. What your company covers for you for addiction treatment can be completely different from what your friends and family members have. The best thing that you can do to find answers concerning your coverage is to talk to your insurance company directly. Be up front and honest that you require addiction recovery treatment. When you contact your insurance provider, be sure to ask important questions, such as:

  • What type of coverage is offered for addiction treatment?
  • Am I only covered by in-network providers?
  • If I can use an out of network provider, what costs will I have to cover for my treatment?

In most cases, your insurance company will cover your addiction treatment regardless of where you go. You may have more out of pocket expenses if the addiction treatment center in South Florida is considered to be out of network. However, the cost will be weill worth it when you are making an investment in saving your life. You cannot put a dollar amount on the value of your future. If you feel that you need to distance yourself from your life, your routine, negative influences, and sources of temptation in Boston, South Florida may be the best solution for you. Contact our representatives to learn more about heroin detox and recovery from addiction at our addiction recovery facility here in South Florida. We are waiting to welcome you with open arms as you begin your journey to clean and sober living once again. It’s time to move forward. We can help. 855-782-1009


When Your Son or Daughter Won’t Go To Rehab, Maybe a Marchman Act Can Help

Being a parent comes with many worries, and one of the greatest ones is not being able to help a son or daughter. You are seeing this fear come to life because your loved one failed to recognize the importance of going to a drug rehab center.

Why is Your Loved One Refusing Help?

Addiction is a major problem and one that changes a person’s mental structure. The addictive drug feeds the brain active ingredients that flood the reward system in the mind.

This restructures the amygdala so that it now expects specific stimuli it only gets from drugs. This is part of what makes addiction hard to overcome. Some addictions get so severe that things like reason or self-control are no longer driving forces within the mind. The reason your child does not want to go to rehab may actually be a side-effect to the addiction.

How the Marchman Act can Help

The Marchman Act is one way you can help your child. You can petition for this act so that professionals can take control of the situation. This act can be used to voluntarily admit oneself into a rehab, but it can be used to admit someone who is not willing to go into rehab.

You can talk to the professionals at the drug rehab you are considering about what to expect, but remember that your case has to qualify in order to use the Marchman Act in your kid’s favor. Do not worry about your kid not understanding the importance of rehab. The lack of control is usually enough to qualify.

The professionals at the rehab will likely administer psychological treatments and a detox program to help your kid overcome his or her addiction.

Your child will probably participate in group therapy, which gives him or her an opportunity to share experiences with others who have gone through similar problems. This therapy encourages openness and also provides your kid with a support system that is going to be helpful later on.

The professionals at this drug rehab are also going to give your loved one the tools needed to consistently fight addiction. Now, it should be noted that the Marchman Act is temporary, and your child will only be be kept against his or her will for a short period of time. This means it is important to continue to encourage him or her to voluntarily stay in the drug rehab, even after the power of the Marchman Act runs out.

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How To Manage and Plan for Paying for a Loved One to Go To Drug Detox

drug & alcohol rehab centerGoing through drug detox is one of the first steps in the recovery process. When you learn that a loved one has a problem with drugs, you may look for the first drug detox center in your area and call to schedule a time to bring in that loved one. Before you make an appointment though, you really need to think about how you will pay. A detox program can last for a few hours or an entire weekend and make it easier for an individual to make the transition to a rehab program. You can both manage and plan for how you will pay for a loved one’s detox.


Work with Insurance

If your loved one has any type of health insurance, check the policy carefully to see if it covers drug treatment. Many policies will cover shorter programs but not longer programs, and some will cover drug detox and not drug rehab. You may need to make some type of copay before the facility will accept your loved one. Those who do not have health insurance can apply for insurance through Medicaid or Medicare or apply for a private health insurance policy that covers drug rehab.


Get Financing

When you find a facility that offers detox and can help your loved one, ask about financing options. Many of the top facilities in the country work with creditors and lenders. These lenders require that you fill out an application. They run a credit check to determine if you are a worthy candidate. If you qualify for financing, you can use up to the limit awarded to you and make low monthly payments to pay off the financing in the same way you would a credit card. You can ask someone to apply for that financing with you or ask that your loved one apply for financing.


Apply for a Loan

Even if you do not qualify for a loan from a medical financing company, you may qualify for a loan from your own bank. These loans may charge less in interest too. The bank can ask for something to secure to your loan like your home or vehicle. You can take out a second mortgage on your home to get the cash that you need. Payday loans and title loans attached to your car can help too. Using any of these methods will help your loved one get the help he or she needs.

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How To Manage Your Household and Bills While You’re Away At a Drug Treatment Center

Of course, your biggest concern while you are away at a drug treatment center is getting well. First and foremost, your recovery is no doubt the biggest thing on your mind. After all, when you regain your sobriety, it is the first step toward getting back control of your life in every aspect of it. However, while you are away at a treatment center, you will want to ensure that your household and bills are going to be handled. Here are the best ways you can have your home and bills taken care of while you are getting rehab for your substance abuse problem.


Turning to Family Members or Friends

What Happens in a Heroin Addiction Treatment Program?Family members are the best place to start in such a situation. Even if you aren’t on the best terms with your family because of your problem, they will most likely be willing to help you out while you’re receiving treatment. Have one or two trusted family members take care of your household and bills by providing them access to your funds. You can also turn to a close friend to handle your finances while you are receiving your treatment. Generally, you will be appointing a financial guardian. Even if you are in a rehab facility for a short period of time, the person you choose for this role can handle paying any bills that are due while you are away.


Automatic Bill Payment

These days, you have the option of setting up automatic bill payments for just about any and all your bills. The majority of banks allow for it and it can be done online. You can also send automatic payments to individuals, meaning that if you rent your home, you can have payments automatically sent to your landlord. Other regular monthly bills like your cell phone bill, cable, internet, electric and utilities can also be set up so that the payment can automatically go through to the companies. Keep in mind, however, that you will have to physically go to your bank or call it to activate the service.


Prepayment Options

Some bills allow for prepayments to be made in the same amount. Generally, things like your cell phone, cable and internet bills remain the same, which means you may be able to pay them a few months in advance with this option. You may also be able to send prepayments to credit lenders as well. This option can benefit you by lowering your interest charges.

It’s important to be able to go through your drug treatment without worrying about what is happening with your home and bills. Taking the necessary steps toward ensuring that your bills will be paid beforehand is crucial. It will mean you will better be able to focus on your treatment and being successful.

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Bringing the Heroin Epidemic Into the Spotlight

Did SNL Go Too Far Poking Fun at the Heroin Epidemic?

Did SNL Go Too Far With Their Recent Skit About Heroin?

Bringing the Heroin Epidemic Into the SpotlightA recent sketch on the popular late-night program Saturday Night Live (SNL) has sparked anger among families and friends of heroin addicts as well as recovered heroin addicts themselves and those currently struggling with the problem. Many people are upset that this sketch appeared on network television and are especially angered that it might be misunderstood by young people.

The sketch appeared on SNL as a fake advertisement for heroin as an over-the-counter medication called Heroin AM. It featured cast members posing as middle to upper-class individuals who wanted and needed heroin in order to get through their hectic days.

Bringing the Heroin Epidemic Into the Spotlight

In places like Wisconsin and Massachusetts, the outrage was particularly high. In these states and many others throughout the United States, the heroin epidemic has become a very real problem. Many individuals and families felt it was terrible to laugh at this dire situation, which is happening in thousands of households throughout the United States.

On the other hand, some people weren’t put off by the dark humor and understood that a serious epidemic was being brought into the light, rather than being completely ignored. If nothing else, the clip helped illustrate the fact that everyday people are getting hooked on heroin, not just homeless people on the streets or other poor individuals.

It’s true that most people tend to think of the heroin epidemic only affecting lower class and poor individuals and families, but this isn’t the case. Today, heroin knows no bounds. Individuals in affluent families with high achieving careers are turning to this drug to help cope with stress, anxiety, depression and other mental disorders. Heroin is cheaper and easier to obtain than many prescription drugs, so it’s often seen as a transition substance from prescription drug abuse.

If You’re Struggling With Heroin, Call Waters Edge Recovery

Regardless of whether you found the SNL skit outrageous or courageous, it’s important that you do know how serious the heroin epidemic is in the United States today. If you are being affected by this terrible heroin epidemic, you need to seek professional heroin addiction treatment. This is true whether it is you specifically who is struggling with heroin addiction or if you have a close friend or relative who is struggling with the problem.

Heroin addiction can be overcome. If you’re addicted to heroin or any substance, contact Waters Edge Recovery in Florida immediately at 855-782-1009. We can help.

The Link Between Higher Education Stress and Heroin Addiction

Can the Stress of Higher Education Lead to Heroin Addiction?

Relationship Between Addiction and Higher Education

The Link Between Higher Education Stress and Heroin AddictionYou may think that smart and successful individuals involved in academia and higher education have a low likelihood of developing a heroin addiction. In fact, more studies are proving that there’s a link between addiction and stress of higher education and other esteemed careers.

Our lives are changing, and the things that lead to heroin addiction are changing as well. Life is getting faster paced all the time. Individuals feel social and familial pressure to excel at everything and anything they attempt. Even minor stress can morph and lead to chronic anxiety. This anxiety can lead to depression, which can lead to heroin addiction and other substance dependencies.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression Often Lead to Heroin Addiction

One thing that people often forget is that addiction doesn’t pop up out of nowhere. In fact, it often arises as a result of everyday struggles that we all share, like depression, stress and anxiety.

There’s a strong relationship between mental illness or mental struggles and addiction. Even the smallest bit of stress and anxiety can lead to heroin addiction in the long run. For example, depression happens to nearly everyone, and with time and perhaps some professional help, it will usually go away.

But when people turn to drugs instead of turning to professional drug detox and drug rehabilitation or simply getting more sleep and rest for a mild case of depression, infrequent using quickly becomes frequent using, and the frequent using can lead to heroin addiction.

There is Quality Rehab Help Available

Are you someone who has been affected by severe stress, anxiety or depression and has turned to heroin for help? Have you been using drugs in order to cope with your feelings and emotions? Remember, if this is something you’re struggling with right now, you aren’t alone, and help is available for you. If you have someone in your family or a close friend who has been dealing with similar issues, you can help them as well.

At Waters Edge Recovery in Florida, our goal is to help individuals like you who may be struggling with emotions and feelings that have lead to heroin addiction. It’s time to remove the stigma of addiction that holds many individuals back from getting the professional help they so desperately need.

Addiction doesn’t have to have a tight grip over your life any longer. At Waters Edge Recovery, we can help you get sober and fully recover. All you need to do is take the first step by calling us at 855-782-1009.

Music Therapy in Addiction Recovery

What is the Value of Music Therapy in Addiction Recovery?

Music Therapy in Addiction RecoveryMusic therapy has been used by some medical practitioners for many years in the treatment of various physical, mental and neurological problems. Research has indicated the value of music for rehabilitation of patients with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and depression. So it’s no surprise that music therapy in addiction recovery has also been indicated as helpful.

Why Use Music Therapy in Addiction Recovery?

Music in addiction recovery helps individuals overcoming substance abuse to tap into their creative energies and center themselves. For anyone working through addiction, this centering of oneself is very important, particularly when suffering from cravings or the stress inherent in maintaining recovery. Creativity and self-expression also provide a means of communication.

Music is a universal language that’s relatable and impactful. Talent and experience don’t matter, as music therapy is about connecting to musical sound and not performing according to anyone else’s standards. Most patients find music therapy in addiction recovery something they look forward to and enjoy.

How Music Therapy in Addiction Recovery Is Used

Music therapists work with individuals in addiction recovery to develop a treatment plan including music making, music selection, music discussions, or a combination of those methods. Music therapy is used alongside counseling, psychotherapy and other forms of evidence-based treatment as part of a well-rounded approach to addiction recovery.

For music making, only the will to participate is required. Participation is always judgment-free. Group music making may involve a multitude of instruments or sounds, such as a drum circle used to help expand self-expression and the ability to cooperate with others toward a common goal.

Music selection often involves finding music that works well as individual relaxation in reduction of stress, anxiety, fear and depression. Music discussion may be based upon the effect of particular sounds, what lyrics mean and how the music relates to recovery.

Individual music therapy in addiction recovery may involve activities such as developing a compilation or playlist of relaxing music for personal stress reduction. Improvising on instruments may be used to tap into creativity or deep emotions. Songwriting can be used for self-exploration and to build self-esteem. In many ways, music can be used to control fear, anger and anxiety.

Music Can Help Heal Wounds As Part of a Continuum of Care in Addiction Treatment

Music is just one form of creativity used within addiction treatment today. Other creative and self-expressive therapies for healing of the mind, body and spirit when overcoming addiction include:

At Water’s Edge Recovery in Florida, music therapy is a much-loved aspect of a continuum of care. Treatment within inpatient, partial hospitalization and outpatient programs often integrate music therapy for balancing the well-being of patients in recovery.

Learn more about music therapy in addiction recovery, as well as other therapies offered as part of individualized treatment plans. Whatever type of therapy is best suited for you or the person you love who is abusing drugs, the most important thing is to access the treatment you need to achieve recovery. Call Water’s Edge Recovery today at 855-782-4024. We can help.

What is A Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment Program?

What is A Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment Program?

What is A Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment Program?Rehab programs are not “one-size-fits-all.” They used to be fairly universal in methods and therapies. Now, there are a wide variety of program types providing more customized approaches to individual addict recovery. One such addiction program is holistic substance abuse treatment.

Holistic substance abuse treatment programs focus on healing of the entire person. Mind, body and spirit are all treated in order to provide more complete recovery and ensure addicts a better chance of stopping their use of alcohol or drugs.

Why holistic substance abuse treatment?

There are underlying causes of addiction. These causes may be to self-medicate physical pains. Or, numbing oneself from feeling psychological problems or spiritual conflicts may be the root cause of drug abuse for some addicts.

It can be hard to determine why drug use begins. So, holistic substance abuse treatment and its “whole mind and body” approach offers a better chance of healing aspects of the self which motivated drug abuse, in the first place. When addicts have greater overall personal balance and wellness, they stand a much higher chance of maintaining sobriety.

The Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment Experience

Holistic treatment provides addicts the tools, therapies and other means of improving all areas of their health and life. Some methods include meditation, psychological counseling and physical training.

While there are added aspects of treatment within holistic rehab, many of the same methods as traditional programs are also integrated into holistic substance abuse treatment. As examples, support groups, group therapy and individual counseling are provided.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), treatment for substance abuse should be individually tailored and treat multiple aspects of the addict’s problems. The NIDA position is that treatment of medical, social and psychiatric problems can lead to long-term recovery and lifelong sobriety. The holistic approach is developed around the belief that health and wellness should also be integrated into the standard NIDA-recommended approach.

Aspects of rehab that may be unique to holistic treatment programs include:

  • Organic nutrition plans
  • Outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain climbing
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Art, occupational and music therapy

Holistic substance abuse programs are usually in natural surroundings, such as mountainous areas. Other settings include adjacent to lakes or the ocean. Connection to nature is considered an important aspect of healing in holistic treatment.

Getting Needed Help for Substance Abuse

Regardless of whether holistic treatment or traditional rehab are the right choice for you or your loved one’s substance abuse problem, getting help is very important. When drug abuse is the issue, no one ever knows how many opportunities exist for the addict to enter treatment. By taking the first steps toward recovery now, you’re ensuring greater potential for a healthy and productive life beyond substance abuse.

Let holistic substance abuse treatment be the answer you’ve been looking for. Call Waters Edge Recovery today at 855.782.1009 and get started on your life without drugs or alcohol.