Time for Back To School. Did Your Child Become Addicted to Drugs Over the Summer?

After several months of summer vacation, the time has come for your child to go back to school. It can be difficult for most children to get back into the swing of things and the routine that school entails. Waking up early, going school all day long, attending extracurricular activities,

Can Alcohol Rehab Centers in Florida Help Me?

Alternatives to Pain Pills So That You Won’t Become Addicted

Are prescription medications the only option when you’re suffering from chronic or acute pain? While highly effective for the management of various conditions, prescription painkillers carry many risks, not least of which is chemical dependence. To avoid the potential pitfalls associated with pharmaceutical drugs, you do have options. Natural alternatives

The Link Between Higher Education Stress and Heroin Addiction

Recognizing The Signs of Accidentally Becoming Addicted to Opioids and Pain Pills

There are lots of legitimate reasons to take painkillers. Maybe you’re recovering from a surgery, or maybe you have a chronic condition that causes pain. But if you’re taking opioid painkillers, you could be at risk for getting addicted – even if you take your pills exactly as prescribed. Opioid

Opioid Addiction: Law Enforcement or Treatment?

Addiction to opioids has reached epidemic proportions in America. Everyone from children to the elderly, poor to rich, across all color barriers are being affected by this crisis. For all of them, at one point or another, the money will run out or the doctor will stop writing prescriptions. What


I Have a Job And I Pay My Bills. Why Are They Saying I Need Treatment for Drinking?

When you are a self-sufficient and fully functioning member of society, it is difficult to hear people continually suggest that you seek help for drinking. It feels as though people are focusing on one small part of your lifestyle, while ignoring all the other wonderful parts of who you are.

Everything you need to know about the Heroin crisis you’ve been seeing all over the news

Heroin is an opioid, a painkiller derived from opium. It’s not that hard to convert opium into heroin so it’s often done on-site right where the opium poppies are grown. From there it’s transported to countries world-wide. In some countries, heroin is a legal drug used to relieve severe pain

safe detox Drug and Alcohol Detox

Why No Addiction Treatment Centers Will Take Your Health Insurance

A health insurance customer who has drug addiction coverage is lucky indeed. Many health insurance companies do not cover addiction treatment. The people who decide what health insurance policies cover believe that addiction is an easily avoidable disease. Medical science supports this opinion slightly. Genetic studies have shown that some

court drug dog traffic supreme

Reducing or Eliminating Criminal Charges By Going To Rehab

Drug users may face criminal charges. It depends on how they were caught and what they were doing when they were caught. Many addicts turn to theft in order to support their habit. It is not a surprise that this often puts them at odds with law enforcement personnel. If


When Your Son or Daughter Won’t Go To Rehab, Maybe a Marchman Act Can Help

Being a parent comes with many worries, and one of the greatest ones is not being able to help a son or daughter. You are seeing this fear come to life because your loved one failed to recognize the importance of going to a drug rehab center. Why is Your

Top 7 Reasons for Out-of-State Drug Rehab Treatment

Some of The Hardest Hit States That Are Facing a Heroin Epidemic

Experts agree that the opioid epidemic in the United States is getting worse. Prescription medications like Vicodin and Oxycontin and street drugs like heroin alike contribute to the high number of Americans abusing opioids. Which U.S. state suffers the most from an epidemic of heroin abuse? The question can be