When Your Son or Daughter Won’t Go To Rehab, Maybe a Marchman Act Can Help

Being a parent comes with many worries, and one of the greatest ones is not being able to help a son or daughter. You are seeing this fear come to life because your loved one failed to recognize the importance of going to a drug rehab center. Why is Your

Top 7 Reasons for Out-of-State Drug Rehab Treatment

Some of The Hardest Hit States That Are Facing a Heroin Epidemic

Experts agree that the opioid epidemic in the United States is getting worse. Prescription medications like Vicodin and Oxycontin and street drugs like heroin alike contribute to the high number of Americans abusing opioids. Which U.S. state suffers the most from an epidemic of heroin abuse? The question can be

How To Manage and Plan for Paying for a Loved One to Go To Drug Detox

Going through drug detox is one of the first steps in the recovery process. When you learn that a loved one has a problem with drugs, you may look for the first drug detox center in your area and call to schedule a time to bring in that loved one.

How To Manage Your Household and Bills While You’re Away At a Drug Treatment Center

Of course, your biggest concern while you are away at a drug treatment center is getting well. First and foremost, your recovery is no doubt the biggest thing on your mind. After all, when you regain your sobriety, it is the first step toward getting back control of your life

Why Firefighters Have a Larger Risk of Being Addicted to Drugs

Drug abuse is unfortunately more common among firefighters than most other groups. The demanding and stressful nature of the job can lead to firefighters using drugs to cope, which quickly results in addiction. Fortunately, there are resources available to help with recovery. Stress and Trauma Firefighting is a dangerous and

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What To Do If Your Son or Daughter Wants To Leave Rehab Early

Few seasons in life are as difficult as the one in which your child admits he or she is an addict. It’s the first step on the road to recovery, but it’s not an easy one for them or for you. It’s up to you to support your child finding

Research Shows: Drug Addiction is Predictable You've heard the public service warnings, television commercials, education programs in schools: say no to drugs. Governments local and federal spend millions of dollars every year spouting frightening illicit drug figures and flashing disturbing images of drug addicts. Their message is that drug addition is real and that it could happen to you. And while drug addiction is very real and ruins hundreds of thousands of lives every year, everyone is not at equal risk. Are You in Danger of Drug Addiction or Not? The story we're told time and again is that even one time trying drugs may be enough to get you hooked on drugs. But consider this: about 1 in 3 adults will try using drugs in their lifetimes, yet at this moment only about 15 million people worldwide suffer from drug abuse. Since the world population is roughly 7 billion, that means that only about 0.2% of the world population struggles with addiction. 

Knowing the Danger Zones
One of the largest forces that seems to factor into drug addiction is geographic location. There are countries where illicit drug use is almost nonexistent such as China and Argentina, then there's Afghanistan, leading the world, where 29 of every 100,000 dies of drug overdose. Some US cities have almost no trouble with drugs while Missoula, Montana suffers a 13.8% of households reporting illegal drug use in a 30-day period. Where You've Been and What You Know
Studies show that socio-economic factors also weigh heavily on determining the risk of addiction. The highest concentrations of drug addiction in the US are in low-income, urban areas. The lower the level of education achieved, the higher the rate of addiction. Also drug abuse stats rise with the history of prior incarceration, lower income levels, and smaller employment histories. 
Genetics: Getting Off On the Wrong Foot Science 2.0 reports that "In reality the likelihood of individuals without pre-existing vulnerabilities succumbing to long-term addiction is slim." One could say that drug addiction is addictive—in that it tends to spread in small communities and be passed on genetically.

Skipping a Semester in College to Go To Addiction Rehab and Get Sober

Young adults, including many college students, are experiencing higher addiction rates than ever. Although otherwise-successful students may be reluctant to give up college for a semester to get sober, it may be the wisest choice they can make to help protect their college career, before addiction causes their grades to

Why It Might Be Cheaper to Self Pay for Drug Rehab Instead of Using Your Health Insurance

Insurance companies do not like to pay to send people to drug rehabilitation centers. The long-term cost of treatment causes insurance companies to shy away from providing such coverage. The situation has not improved much since the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Medicaid, for those who have it, does

Consequences for the Child of a Heroin Addict Dad

How To Prepare Your Home for the Return of Your Son from Rehab in Florida

An adult child who is battling addiction is a serious cause of concern to parents. When the child completes a rehab program at a Florida recovery center, family members are eager to welcome their loved one home again. Household support for someone who has completed rehab is of critical importance

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Tips for Finding the Best Addiction Treatment Center in Florida

Parenting is difficult, and that doesn’t change as your kids grow up and become adults. Being legally described as an adult doesn’t make it easier for you to handle your child’s addiction problem, and you might find yourself confused, heartbroken, and unsure how to deal. Encouraging them to seek help