Understanding The Difference Between A Drug Rehab That Has a Christian Track and One That Is An Actual Christian Facility

When looking for a drug rehab facility, many clients who are interested in a Christian faith-based healing center wonder whether they would be best served by a drug rehab with a Christian track or a drug rehab facility that is an actual Christian facility. So what are the differences? Does

Is There A Drug Rehab For Couples in Florida?

Choosing to enter a drug rehab is a difficult decision, but it can be made even more difficult when you are struggling with your partner. If one partner goes off to rehab and emerges clean and sober, but the other parter stayed behind and remained dependent on drugs, then relapse

I Need Rehab But I Don’t Want Anyone To Know That I Am There

One of the most difficult issues surrounding addiction and the need for help with achieving sobriety is the shame that can accompany the process. There has long been a feeling that being in the throes of an addiction to intoxicants like drugs or alcohol means that you have failed as

Can My Partner And I Go To Rehab Together At The Same Time?

People do not typically progress through their addiction on their own. Partners in a couple commonly have mutual addictions because they already share many aspects of their lifestyles. It is convenient for an addicted individual to be in a relationship with another addicted individual because most non-addicted individuals will not

3 Reasons To Choose a Holistic Drug Rehab

An addiction to drugs and alcohol affects every facet of your life, so you will need a treatment program that addresses that. This is known as holistic rehab, and it not only helps you overcome your physical addiction, but the many factors that have either contributed to or been caused

Can I Still Use My Parents Health Insurance for Detox and Rehab?

For some people, overcoming a substance or alcohol addiction requires a stint in a rehabilitation facility. That said, the rehabilitation programs offered at many treatment centers can be quite costly. Unfortunately, many individuals in need of such care are young and either do not have the financial resources to cover

How Many Times Will My Insurance Pay For Me to Go To Detox?

Once you’ve decided to attend a detox program, you’re well on your way to conquering addiction for good. You’re hopeful that your treatment will help lead you in a new and fulfilling direction in life, but you may also be wondering: What happens if I relapse? Can I afford to

I Have a Great Aetna Health Insurance Policy, But I’m Having Trouble Getting Into Alcohol Detox

Most health insurance companies recognize addiction as a disease that requires treatment. However, they tend to skimp on providing the full-range of services that are necessary for a successful recovery. Regardless of the quality of your health insurance policy, coverage for addiction treatment will most likely be a sketchy issue.

I Thought All Health Insurance Plans Were Supposed to Cover Drug Rehab. (But No Treatment Facilities Are Accepting Mine)

Making the choice to go to drug rehab is challenging enough, and people struggling with addiction can use all the support they can get from friends, family, and those around them. What can you do if your insurance company doesn’t seem to want to help you? Insurance companies are required

Why It Isn’t Safe To Detox From Heroin at Home

Heroin is a highly addictive drug, and getting clean from it can be a challenge. If you’re considering your options for getting sober, you might be wondering if it’s possible to detox from heroin at home, instead of going to a rehab center. On the surface, it might seem like