Is There A Drug Rehab For Couples in Florida?

Choosing to enter a drug rehab is a difficult decision, but it can be made even more difficult when you are struggling with your partner. If one partner goes off to rehab and emerges clean and sober, but the other parter stayed behind and remained dependent on drugs, then relapse for the first partner is highly likely. The best way to tackle drug addiction as a couple is to attend rehab together and there are several drug rehabs for couples in Florida.


Strengthen Your Relationship While You Say Goodbye to Drugs

Attending a drug rehab is the first step towards living a life of sobriety. It is also the first step towards moving into a more supportive and healthy relationship. Many times couples who struggle with drug addiction also struggle with maintaining a healthy relationship. Drug rehab for couples includes couples therapy that can help couples leave rehab with a better, more secure and more supportive relationship. Issues such as codependency can also be addressed. Knowing that you can count on your partner to support you through your journey can make all the difference between keeping your sobriety when things get tough or relapsing.

Treatment for couples in a drug rehab center will not focus exclusively on the couple and will include individual sessions of therapy. It is vital that each person has a strong understanding of the steps needed to stay clean and to stay healthy. The benefit of choosing to go into drug rehab therapy together is that partners are able to do the work separately and together to learn about their triggers, their cravings, their needs and therefore can learn how best to support one another.

We find that many couples have used substance abuse as a way to communicate and it can be difficult to be emotionally open or emotionally available when you are used to being high for those types of talks. Couples drug rehab sessions can help you learn how to communicate with your partner and how to rekindle your relationship with new passions and activities. Partners also often are used to ignoring basic adult responsibilities, particularly if children are involved, and learning how to communicate and handle these responsibilities in a responsible way can be challenging for couples.

Start your journey towards sobriety as a couple with us by calling 855-782-1009 . We welcome couples at our Florida drug rehab facility and we work closely with couples to help improve their relationship while detoxifying from drugs. You won’t regret taking this step together.