Why Choose Us for Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Are you or your loved one experiencing a life of turmoil brought on by the abuse of alcohol and/or drugs? Waters Edge Recovery will help address the problem—not the symptoms—with our comprehensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation

Drug and Alcohol Treatment by itself is not enough. Therefore, we give our clients more in our comprehensive rehabilitation program in order to ensure success. We provide a compassionate, structured environment where the individual will be given the necessary tools to succeed and live a productive, fulfilling sober lifestyle.

In addition to traditional treatment, we conduct daily workshops and assignments developed over many years to re-establish the feeling of self-confidence and self-worth. Our clients learn that the only obstacle to achieving their goals and dreams is their preconceived notion that they aren’t capable or aren’t worthy. These erroneous beliefs have been developed over years of substance abuse and it’s our job to re-establish the vigor and zest for life.

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Private Intimate Environment

Due to the intimacy of our program (located on the Treasure Coast in Florida), admission is limited to a select few and conducted in a close-knit family environment at our waterfront facility located on the expansive serene waters of the Intracoastal Waterway. We work with other like-minded treatment programs. If we don’t have availability, we’ll work with you and guide you in your selection of the appropriate treatment program.

Stop the Insanity

Why choose us for drug and alcohol rehab?  Because we believe that the guest has an underlying desire to stop the insanity which is his/her abuse of drugs and/or alcohol. It’s our job at Waters Edge Recovery to make that a reality. We treat the whole client: mentally, physically, and spiritually in our comprehensive rehabilitation.

Substance Abuse is a Family Affair

Alcohol and drug abuse is a disease that causes extreme chaos in families. Therefore, Waters Edge Recovery treats drug and alcohol abuse as a family disease.

Dr. Mark Adlen the Medical Director of Waters Edge talks about his experience with recovery.


You are Not Your Substance Dependence

Achieving happiness and maintaining long-term sobriety requires a new life perspective… one that empowers you to discover you—the real you. You are more than you think you are! We will help you discover your new life perspective through our comprehensive treatment program and daily workshops.

Shortcuts Don’t Work

Don’t let past failures of drug and alcohol abuse treatments discourage you. Remember that each experience presents a unique opportunity for learning. Waters Edge Recovery will teach you to navigate successfully through life’s challenges by avoiding future substance abuse.

Reach Out to Learn More

The first step to changing your life and achieving true happiness without substance abuse is reaching out.

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