What If I Have a Good Health Insurance Policy, But Having Trouble Getting Into Alcohol Detox

You are struggling with an addiction to alcohol. It’s taken over every aspect of your life to the point that you can’t handle your daily obligations anymore. Work, family, and all of your responsibilities have taken a backseat to drinking. You know that your health is already suffering. You don’t want to let it go any farther than it already has. You have made the decision to begin alcohol detox. You have a good health insurance plan that will help you through this obstacle in your life. There is only one problem. You are having a hard time getting into your program of choice due to a waiting list. Whatever you do, don’t give up now. You can move forward on your journey to a sober life.

What To Do While You are Trying to Get Into an Alcohol Rehab Program

There are doors to treatment that are going to open soon. Here is what you can do while you are waiting:

  • Make healthy choices in what you eat and how often you exercise
  • Talk to your doctor to get support until treatment begins
  • Find a support group in your area where you can talk about your problem and look for solutions
  • Enlist the aid of your friends and family to keep you on the right path

You may also find that you have options for outpatient treatment while you are waiting to enter your detox program. Contact your drug detox facility of choice and your insurance company to learn more about what kind of options you have during this critical period. Do everything you can to keep a positive attitude, knowing that your treatment plan will begin soon. You will be able to take advantage of alcohol detox. Do your best to find positive outlets and coping strategies until your detox program can begin.

We know you have questions and that you are anxious while you wait for alcohol detox. We understand how difficult it is to admit that you need help. Call us at 855-782-1009 to talk to our compassionate representatives to discuss alcohol rehab with us. If you have been having trouble getting into an alcohol detox program, we may have an opening for you now. The only way to find out is to pick up the phone. We are here to listen to you.