Why No Addiction Treatment Centers Will Take Your Health Insurance

A health insurance customer who has drug addiction coverage is lucky indeed. Many health insurance companies do not cover addiction treatment. The people who decide what health insurance policies cover believe that addiction is an easily avoidable disease. Medical science supports this opinion slightly. Genetic studies have shown that some people are predisposed to addiction to certain substances. Having these genes does not guarantee someone will become an addict. It just means that if they try the substance which they are predisposed to become addicted to, they are more likely to be unable to stop.

Insurance companies are about taking risks. Their business model relies on gambling. Someone who is healthy may experience low premiums. A person who becomes unhealthy may find his premiums go up until his insurance company drops him. Before the affordable care act passed, insurance companies could refuse to cover someone if they had a pre-existing condition. Many people fear that if the Republicans manage to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the pre-existing condition coverage will be stripped.

Insurance companies will find anyway they can to get out of paying a claim or to get out of providing coverage to a risky group. A patient who goes into drug rehab is likely to need a lot of expensive medical care. The detox process is dangerous and risky. It must be done in a hospital under medical supervision. For some drugs, it is not safe to just quit cold turkey. Alcohol and opiates fall into this category.

The companies prefer to cover only the low-cost services patients are most likely to need. Preventative care services are covered a lot, since the directors believe this will lower theire overall business costs. Trying to cover something expensive, like cancer, is something they do grudgingly. They usually only do it for a short while. Many cancer patients end up on Medicare before their treatment ends because they are dropped by their insurance companies.

Drug addiction can result in death, but  drug rehab will result in the patient’s introduction to a life of recovery. As soon as the patient finishes the detox process, he goes through 28 days of counseling and therapy. It’s an intensive therapy designed to help the individual get back on his feet. After the therapy is done, he may go to a halfway house. As to why insurance companies won’t cover drug rehab, it is a matter of cost. It is not that they want more drug addicts on the street. It’s just expensive to treat the condition.

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