Reducing or Eliminating Criminal Charges By Going To Rehab

Drug users may face criminal charges. It depends on how they were caught and what they were doing when they were caught. Many addicts turn to theft in order to support their habit. It is not a surprise that this often puts them at odds with law enforcement personnel. If someone only committed a first offense, the court may be inclined to show leniency. Many municipalities also have drug courts to deal with such cases. These courts typically deal with non-violent offenders and focus more on rehabilitation than punishment. If criminal charges are being threatened, someone accused of a drug-related crime may be able to reduce the charge or eliminate the charges is he goes to a drug rehab facility.

No one can guarantee that going to rehab will cause the prosecutor to drop all the charges someone. Prosecutors look good when they get convictions, and they typically run on the number of convictions they managed to get. However, their eagerness to make sure people get convicted often means they make deals to reduce the charges accused people face. Sometimes, they can perceive that a drug user is not likely to be a threat to the community. If they think the person they are prosecuting is not a threat, they may offer to drop the charges if the accused agrees to drug rehab.

If the accused party agrees to the deal the prosecutor’s office offers, he must cooperate with the office, and he must do anything agreed to by both parties. Ideally, he should be represented by an attorney in these proceedings. This is not always the case. Some people cannot afford a lawyer, and other people go through the system without asking for any form of representation. Keep in mind that these agreements are legally binding on both parties. The accused must keep his end of the deal, but the prosecutor cannot break faith either.

If someone is accused of a drug-related crime, they should ask the attorney if they can get the charges reduced by agreeing to to through rehab. It does not hurt to ask. If someone is not guilty, they may choose to fight the process, but most people do not. Many people find it easier to get their charges reduced and then deal with whatever the fallout happens to be. If all the charges are dropped, the next step is finding the correct facility. The drug rehab facility may be dictated in some cases.

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