When Your Son or Daughter Won’t Go To Rehab, Maybe a Marchman Act Can Help

Being a parent comes with many worries, and one of the greatest ones is not being able to help a son or daughter. You are seeing this fear come to life because your loved one failed to recognize the importance of going to a drug rehab center.

Why is Your Loved One Refusing Help?

Addiction is a major problem and one that changes a person’s mental structure. The addictive drug feeds the brain active ingredients that flood the reward system in the mind.

This restructures the amygdala so that it now expects specific stimuli it only gets from drugs. This is part of what makes addiction hard to overcome. Some addictions get so severe that things like reason or self-control are no longer driving forces within the mind. The reason your child does not want to go to rehab may actually be a side-effect to the addiction.

How the Marchman Act can Help

The Marchman Act is one way you can help your child. You can petition for this act so that professionals can take control of the situation. This act can be used to voluntarily admit oneself into a rehab, but it can be used to admit someone who is not willing to go into rehab.

You can talk to the professionals at the drug rehab you are considering about what to expect, but remember that your case has to qualify in order to use the Marchman Act in your kid’s favor. Do not worry about your kid not understanding the importance of rehab. The lack of control is usually enough to qualify.

The professionals at the rehab will likely administer psychological treatments and a detox program to help your kid overcome his or her addiction.

Your child will probably participate in group therapy, which gives him or her an opportunity to share experiences with others who have gone through similar problems. This therapy encourages openness and also provides your kid with a support system that is going to be helpful later on.

The professionals at this drug rehab are also going to give your loved one the tools needed to consistently fight addiction. Now, it should be noted that the Marchman Act is temporary, and your child will only be be kept against his or her will for a short period of time. This means it is important to continue to encourage him or her to voluntarily stay in the drug rehab, even after the power of the Marchman Act runs out.

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